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Violence in close relationships



We offer this

Skyddat boende

We have shelter

Is it impossible for you to stay at home because of violence or threat of violence, so you can stay in the women’s apartment at the secret address. Children are welcome.

Vi lyssnar

We are listening

We provide support and advice to those who have been exposed to violence. We also provide support and advice to you who are related to a person who has been subjected to violence.

Ditt stöd hos myndigheter

We are your support at authorities

We help you to get in touch with, for example, lawyers, district court, healthcare and social services. We can also assist you in matters of divorce and police notification.


We exist for those who live with someone that you feel violate, threaten or expose yourself to different forms of violence. It could be your spouse, a relative or other related parties. We are also available for those who know someone who is vulnerable.

The use of violence is a criminal offense, and no one should tolerate being beaten! All domestic violence is subject to public prosecution since 1982. Anyone can sign the perpetrator of abuse against women – it doesn’t need to be the abused woman.

We will help and support you! We are here to listen to you when you contact us. We never question your story. It stays with us and we have signed a declaration on oath of secrecy.

We are able to help with shelter for you and your children who need temporary shelter due to violence. We have availability for 2-3 children. When you stay in the shelter, you will get counseling and practical assistance as well as security. We also see to the children’s need for conversation.

In addition to shelter, we also offer counseling, talks with the children and support in contact with various government agencies. But we are first and foremost for you!

We all work for an equal society free from violence!

Important telephone numbers

08-768 32 10

Weekdays 09:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-15:00
Sunday 15:00-20:00


All days 00:00-24:00

114 14

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Police

020-50 50 50

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Kvinnofridslinjen

08-410 200 40:

Mon-Thu  16:30-02:00
Friday       15:00-02:00
Sat-Sun    16:00-02:00

08 – 454 23 37 (via SOS Alarm):
Mon-Thu   02:00-08:00
Friday         02:00-08:00
Sat-Sun      02:00-16:00

08-616 46 70

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Emergency Clinic for Rape victims

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