About us

Kvinnojouren Taby/Danderyd is a nonprofit and nonpolitical association that was founded by Cecilia Sylten. Cecilia worked enthusiastically to give abused women a safe haven. She held the first course in women’s knowledge in autumn 1998.

  • December 9th, 1998 the first inaugural meeting was held and Kvinnojouren Taby/Danderyd was formed.
  • Cecilia was, of course, selected as our first president. The tasks were divided among those who attended the course.
  • A year later, through Taby Municipality Secretariat, we received a suitable apartment to rent.
  • The apartment was furnished and soon after were we able to receive the first-behaved woman.

Since August 2000 we have an employee available in the apartment on weekdays and serves as the help and support of the residents. Many women also get support by phone and through personal meetings. There are also some thirty active women who answer the hotline at evenings and weekends, acting contacts, participate in board work etc.

The objective of the operations is to work to prevent violence in society against women, children and men.

The business is committed to providing support to those who are subject to domestic violence or their relatives, where the starting point is

  • a humanistic view, based on the equal worth of all people
  • rights and opportunities are regardless of sexual orientation, age, religion, gender and origin

We are a part of Unizon-Sveriges tjej- och Kvinnojourers Riksförbund and works from their vision:

An equal society free of violence