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If you have been subjected to a crime, you should report it to the police as soon as possible. It is not a duty to report as a crime victim, but it is usually necessary for you to exercise your rights. A notification is also important for the police to ensure that you are not affected by new crimes. Remember to document any damage.

If the crime occurred at home, there may have been no witnesses and then photographed injuries can be a crucial evidence. You can visit the health center for this. Even the clothes you wear during the crime can be important. Try to save them and keep them unwashed.

The police begins to initiate an investigation. The preliminary investigation may result in one or more persons being prosecuted for crimes, or it can be closed if the police either fail to find a suspected offender or if the evidence is not sufficient.

If there is sufficient evidence, the prosecutor decides to prosecute. The prosecutor submits a lawsuit to the district court. The district court then decides on the date of the main negotiation. Thereafter, the court will decide on possible penalties.

You can apply for a restraining order by the police. It is the prosecutor who decides if your application is to be granted. The police can also conduct a threat and risk assessment. If it is considered necessary, you may have a protective phone for a certain period of time. This means that your phone is connected directly to the police command center. You can also request protected personal data, a so-called security marking. Then the social security number, name and address will be protected.

If security marking is not deemed to provide adequate protection, “kvarskrivning” may be an option. This means that by decision pursuant to section 16 of the National Accounts Act, a person may be registered on the old address for a maximum of three years. The application for security marking and “kvarskrivning” should be made to the tax office in Eskilstuna.

In very serious threats you can get fingered personal data. This means that you change identity and your old identity disappears from the public records. The application for this is made to the National Police Board and is decided by the Stockholm District Court. Life protection can be requested from the police and carried out by security companies.

In order to strengthen the support and the rights of children who witness violence by and against the related persons, Parliament has decided on changes and additions to the Social Services Act (SoL) and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act. This means that children who witness violence or other abuse by or against a closely related adult are vulnerable to crime. With that children have witnessed violence or other abuse referred mainly to the child have seen or heard the criminal act committed. Even if a child is witnessing violence or other abuse that a related adult exposes to another child is covered by the provision.

5 kap. 11§ SoL

The social welfare should work to ensure that the victims of crime and their relatives receive help and support. The social welfare board should pay particular attention to that women who are or have been exposed to violence or other abuse in the home might be in need of support and help to change their situation. The board should also take into account that children who have witnessed violence or other abuse by or against a closely related adult are vulnerable to crime and may be in need of support and help.

The Criminal Law Act has been amended and a new provision, 4a§, has been introduced that allows a child who witnessed violence or other abuse by or against related adults to apply for compensation under the Criminal Damage Act. Children are those who are under 18 years old.

Section 4a of the Criminal Law Act

Crime compensation is paid to a child who witnessed a crime committed to impair the safety and trust of the child in relation to a related person. The application must be made within two years of the date of the court decision.

If a police report does not lead to a preliminary investigation, the application shall be filed within two years of the commencement of the crime. The application for compensation is made by the child custodian of the crime victim. If the parents have joint custody, the decision of an application is taken jointly by both custodians. If there are conflicts of interests then there is a prerequisite for transferees to appoint a good man according to Chapter 11. 2§ third paragraph parental bar.

In cases where a custodian or someone like the custodian is in close relation to suspected crimes against the child, the child may have a special representative. Instead of the child’s guardian, the Special Representative shall protect the child’s right during the preliminary investigation and subsequent trial. It is the prosecutor who applies for a special representative by the district court.


Telephone: 0200-21 20 19

In most municipalities there are women’s shelter that often offer sheltered accommodation. If there’s nobody just where you live, you can turn to another office. In some municipalities there are also sheltered housing, run by municipal authorities.

To get in touch with the women’s shelter, call their emergency phone. Another option is to call social welfare/social services and hopefully they can offer a solution.

Yes, they are welcome. The social services will ensure that the women’s shelter have the place that is needed.

If possible, bring passport, IDs, bank cards and codes to bank accounts, etc. More, please bring your clothes and possibly the children’s favorite item.

Keep in mind that the sheltered accommodation always has a secret address for your and other women’s safety. Therefore, be restrictive by submitting the address.

Call and block your children’s accounts so that your partner is unable to withdraw money without your knowledge. You can change it so that you need a signature of both to sign up for the account. In case you have both signed on a loan or obtained credit, you will both answer for the debts. This means that each party can be responsible for the entire debt. Due to this, call immediately and terminate it.

Contact the companies you receive bills from and request to receive billing information via mail / phone so that you can pay all bills on time, thus leaving few debts and any payment remarks.


Women’s shelter in your municipality:
Kvinnofridslinjen: 020-50 50 50
Kvinnojouren Täby/Danderyd: 08-768 32 10

For both married and partners, the court is in favor of an assessment of who needs the former residence. If there are children in the picture, it means in practice that the residence goes to the parent who has the custody, or the one with which the children live at the most (in common custody).

In the case of a rental right, it means that the rental contract is transferred to the guardian. If it is a villa or housing right then the person who lives in the residence must settle with the other owner.

If you don’t have children, the principle applies that the person who first moved into tenancy is entitled to stay. If, therefore, your husband / partner has moved into the place later, he / she usually has no right to it.

To get a first-hand contract on a tenancy is often required, depending on the region in the country in which you live, that you have been queueing for a while. Apply to all the housing villages in your municipality. Both the municipal and housing estates of private property owners who have such.

If you are to hire in second hand, make sure that the landlord or housing association has approved the rental. If you rent the apartment without their approval, you have in principle no rights and may be evicted from the accommodation if the host or association detects it. In case of problems or reasonable rent, the renting committee can assist you. There are many second-hand rentals advertised on Blocket, apartment groups on social media such as Facebook.

The social services have a certain number of shelters at their disposal. However, these are often fewer than the people in need of them, so it can be difficult to get one assigned to you. Ask your contact at the Social Service office.

For emergency you can seek sheltered accommodation, contact your Social Service.

There is an opportunity to seek financial assistance from the social services as a victim of crime, even if you are not usually entitled to it. It is not the normal supply rules that apply to victims of crime. According to the Social Services Act, social services in your municipality have an obligation to assist you.

5 ch. Section 11 of the SoL

The tasks of the social welfare committee include working for the person who has been subjected to crime and his or her relative to receive support and assistance. The Social Affairs Board shall pay particular attention to the fact that women who have or have been victims of violence or other abuse of related persons may be in need of support and assistance in order to change their situation.

You can also apply for relocation allowances, contributions to furniture and household items in the new home by the Social Services.

If Social Services refuse to help me?

You can apply for anything you want at the Social Service, but be prepared to also receive a refusal. Always request written notification of such rejected applications. It is necessary for appealing against the decision of the county court.

It might be helpful to bring someone with you at the Social Services office. You can always ask a woman on duty to accompany you!

After the first emergency assistance from Social Services, the Social Services secretary may require you to divorce or to file a complaint against the man to receive continued financial support.

This request has Social Service no legal right to ask! If you are not prepared to do so – request a written note on this decision and appeal to the county court.

An alternative might be to get a temporary advance from the social service that you will have to pay back later (unless the appeal goes through).

If you have children, contact the “Försäkringskassan” to apply for your opportunity to receive housing allowance.

The “Försäkringskassan” can also help you investigate your right to maintenance payments from your child’s dad.

The “Försäkringskassan” endeavors in all custody issues to try to get the parents to cooperate. If the debtor says he will pay directly to you, in some cases, the “Försäkringskassan” may accept his assurance. If so, it is important that you inform the “Försäkringskassan” of your situation, why you do not want personal contact with your father (and you may live on sheltered accommodation).

  1. Start by writing a divorce application, located on the Swedish courts website. Fill in the application. If you and your spouse do not agree to divorce, you can in most cases fill it alone. Contact the District Court if you are unsure how to fill in the form.
  2. Retrieve a certificate from the tax office, phone: 020-56 70 00, inform them it is about a divorce.
  3. If you have children under the age of 18, state whether custody should be common or if one of the parents should have sole custody.
  4. Pay the application fee of SEK 900 to the district court. Enter both spouses’ names, social security numbers, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as it is about a divorce.
  5. Send or submit the application to the district court together with a personal certificate.

If none of you live with your own children and you jointly apply for divorce, the district court can notify its decision as soon as possible.

If you live with your children (yours, your spouse or single children) at home or if you do not want to divorce, you will always have a consideration.

The consideration time is always at least six months and no more than one year. Note that if you still want to divorce after six months have passed, you must notify it to the District Court (a.k.a. completion).

If you have lived apart for more than two years, you can divorce directly, even if you have children or do not agree to divorce. In this case, you must attach a certificate of that you have lived apart signed by two people who knows you well.

When a marriage or marital relationship ends, a division must be made. A settlement shall be established and signed by both.

If you can not agree on the allocation of your assets, you can apply to a district commissioner at the district court. You pay the costs of the estate prosecutor (usually a lawyer) who then decides what to do in the living, how things are to be valued and how they are divided between you.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the district commissioners, you may bring an appeal to the district court.

In the case of shared custody, the child perspective is pursued; that is, the best interests of the child should be in the first place when deciding on all matters relating to custody, housing and intercourse. Most common custody is sought.

If violence against children has occurred, it should be taken into account and, if it is known, a police report must have been made.

The child should never be left alone with the perpetrator. It is important to make a police report even though it may feel inconvenient. Women’s shelter is available to you in your process.

If you want sole custody, you should contact a lawyer. It is tough but important not to prevent the children’s right to meet the father as it may lead to a criminal offense. If it is not appropriate for the father to meet the child alone then one solution is that the Social Services appoint a contact person present during the interview.

The child’s opinion should be taken into account after 12 years of age and depending on maturity. It is the children to be protected in the first place and it is important to be clear about what applies.


Prior to family law and collaboration, it is extremely important to show that you are cooperative. If one refuses to attend one parent, one can lose custody because of a sabotage.

In case of collaboration with the victim of violence, the environment should be arranged to make you feel safe. It is not necessary for both parties to be in the same room or to use the same call leader.

You are entitled to move from the residence within a 10 mile radius without permission or permission.

A parent can fulfill his/her obligation by actually taking care of a child or by paying maintenance allowance to the child. A parent who does not have the custody of the child and also does not live permanently with this shall fulfill his maintenance obligation by paying maintenance to the child.

The same applies to a parent who cares for the child in common with the other parent, but the child lasts permanently with only the other parent (see also the title of economics).

If you are not a citizen of the EU and live in Sweden, the 2-year rule may apply: as a married couple, partner or if you register a partnership you can apply for a residence permit and it is the Swedish Migration Board that decides.

After two years of cohabitation with a spouse / partner / partner, a permanent residence permit is usually granted, exceptions can be made if violence has occurred within the relationship. Usually, however, the burden of proof is high among those seeking residence permits. The woman must be able to show that violence has occurred, for example through police notifications, doctor visits and documented injuries.

Important things to investigate:

  • Evidence that violence has occurred
  • Children / relatives left in their home country – related to their country of origin
  • If children are born in Sweden, check with the tax office
  • Contact lawyers regarding Migration

There are different rules when the child is born in Sweden. When a child is registered in the National Register, the Swedish Tax Agency assesses what citizenship the child has acquired. One child becomes Swedish citizen from birth, if

  • A parent of the child is a Swedish citizen, or
  • A deceased parent to the child was a Swedish citizen at his/her death

Children born before April 1, 2015, receive Swedish citizenship at birth, if

  • The mother was a Swedish citizen or
  • The father was a Swedish citizen and married the child’s mother or
  • The father was deceased but at his death was a Swedish citizen and the child was born in Sweden or
  • The father was deceased but at the time he was a Swedish citizen and married the child’s mother.

If none of your parents is a Swedish citizen, the Swedish Tax Agency assesses the child’s citizenship based on your citizenship and the laws of your respective home countries. (Tax Agency. Retrieved 2016-06-12, from

Phone: 0771-235 235

Phone: 0771–567 567

Your spouse, family member or relative will never be entitled to control or damage you. Psychological abuses in the form of humiliation, mediation, shame and guilt, undamaged love or freezing, abuse and persecution, as well as social violations in terms of isolation and prohibition of participating in normal activities in society are different forms of honor-related oppression.

Honor related violence is a violation of Swedish law, the Children’s Convention and the UN Convention on Human Rights. If you have been subjected to honor-related violence you should:

  • Report to the police what has happened
  • Document injuries
  • Save the clothes you wore at the crime

You may have the possibility of mediation between you and your family members if you so wish. There are organizations to contact if you want to meet other girls / women in a similar situation.

Violence is seen as an inevitable act, as identified by most in the group / family. Violence is planned, collectively sanctioned and decided and in some cases collectively exercised. The perpetrator is protected by most of the family and family.

Violence is conducted to a great extent to punish women’s / young girls’ disobedience. There is also a way to control and control women’s sexuality, attire, boys / men who allies with the woman or boys / men who differ from family norms and rules.

If there appears to be a threat to your safety, the police should be contacted. They are doing a threat and risk assessment. Crime victims, perpetrators and witnesses can together or individually provide the basis for the assessment. Police can assist with security alarms, issue a ban on visits and the tax office can protect your identity. If you are forced to make an emergency leave, make sure there is a pre-packed bag (hidden) and possibly have a secret phone (see also the title of emergency leave).

This problem is most common with young girls / boys. Violence, threats of violence and other forms of oppression are usually exercised by several family members and relatives in order to force obedience. If no support is provided from the family, it is important to seek help and talk with, for example, teachers, curators and custody staff; so that others outside know the situation.

Nonprofit organizations do not have the same reporting obligation for minors as Social Services have, but in case of emergency, it may be good for social welfare to know what is happening.

Kruton, Kris- och utredningscenter, Stockholm city:
Phone: 08- 508 44 55 0

Somaya Kvinno- och tjejjour:
Phone: 08-760 96 11

Yes, there are crime victim offices for hbtq people like RFSL, otherwise you are welcome to visit the women’s shelter.

Violence in united relations takes on the same expression such violence in two-sex relationships; it’s all about power. There are some differences, for example, there may be an increased risk of a stronger dependence between the victims and the perpetrators in cases where a cohabited couple is not open with their relationship.

Unfortunately, hbtq people do not seek help to the same extent as heterosexual. This may be because it is difficult to seek out the public victim shelter/ women’s shelters with all due to transparency requirements. It is also likely that this is due to the fact that people exposed to a cohabiting relationship violence are unfortunately often faced with ignorance and negative responses among government officials.

By experience, RFSL can testify that the police often trivialize violence between women / men.

You are welcome to the women’s shelter, we can offer phone calls or a personal meeting. To a certain extent also via mail contact. In some shelter, self-help groups are offered, where women are given the opportunity to meet in groups and exchange thoughts, experiences and support each other. Usually a woman on duty is participating during these meetings.

No, on the contrary. It is important to get help processing past events to break a pattern. Nobody likes unprocessed trauma in the luggage. It can have a negative affect both mentally and physically.

Women’s shelter in your municipality: